I bought my keyboard, Microsoft Sidewinder X4 back in 2013. It was a low profile, membrane keyboard. All the keys were still working fine, but the letters started wearing off a few years ago. Being a touch-typist, this wasn’t an issue for me. However my family didn’t like not being able to see the letters. So I started looking for a replacement.

I had read a lot of good things about mechanical keyboards so I figured I would check them out. My first venture was the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile with Cherry MX Low Profile Speed switches. It was on sale for $79.99. The first impression was great. Right away I enjoyed the feel from the mechanical switches. The keys were very ligh to the touch, and they were quiet. However, after a few days I noticed that the Cherry MX Speed switches were too sensitive. I would accidentally press extra keys. Probably a few % of the time, but enough to be annoying. I decided to return it.

Next I tried the Logitech G512 SE. It was on sale for $49.99. This keyboard had a regular profile with GX Blue switches (aka Clicky). It was great to type on. However, having blue switches, it was quite loud. My wife could hear me type from the other side of the house. I bought some o-rings to dampen the sound, which helped a lot, but still clicky. My kids saw the keyboard and wanted to get one too. I made a deal that if they learn touch typing, they can have it.

Finally one of my friends recommended the Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard, aka GMMK. At the full price of $109.95, it was the highest so far, but still much lower than some of the other options out there. This keyboard came with Gateron brown switches, which were supposed to be a compromise between blue and red. The keyboard was also hot swappable with any Cherry compatible switches. The typing felt great and very quiet (especially with the o-rings installed). This one was a keeper.

For more information on types of switches, see here.